About The Conference

                   The aim of the conference is to introduce research topics in the main streams of Algebra and Discrete Mathematics to young researchers especially PhD students, and encourage them to collaborate in teams lead by well-known mathematicians from various countries. To reach this aim, after some intensive talks on special topics, participants will be divided into groups and start work and research on some proposed related problems. Hopefully these collaborations will be continued after the conference.

                   The role of Algebra and Discrete Mathematics in the field of Mathematics has been rapidly increasing over several decades. In recent decades, the graphs constructed out of algebraic structure have been extensively studied by many authors and have become a major field of research. The benefit of studying these graphs is that one may find some results about the algebraic structures and the vice-versa. The tools of each have been used in the other to explore and investigate the problem in deep. This conference aims at providing an avenue for discussing recent advancements in these fields and exploring the possibility of effective interactions between these two areas.

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  • January 8-10


  • Madurai Kamaraj University


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